Cocoa Press 3D Chocolate Printer

Cocoa Press

3D Chocolate Printer

Chocolate Vase.png

With Cocoa Press you can create a custom desserts in minutes. Simply download an existing design or create your own to wow your family, customers or guests

Feature Overview


 Custom Extruder

This custom extruder features an aluminum body and nozzle. It slowly heats the chocolate to a precise temperature and keeps it there for the duration of the print.

Cocoa Press

Every part of Cocoa Press is built and optimized for chocolate printing. The chocolate only touches two parts in the printer: the syringe and the nozzle. Both pieces are removable without any screws for cleaning and storage. It is recommended to print onto parchment paper for easy removal of finished prints.


Cooling System

Cocoa Press features a cooling system consisting of six peltier thermoelectric coolers. One side of these devices becomes cold while expelling the heat to the opposite side. The printer water cools the hot side and uses the other side to cool air and solidify the chocolate.