Download and Print ready-to-eat chocolates


How does it work?

Cocoa Press is a 3D printer, which means it dispenses melted chocolate layer by layer to build up an object. It is an automated process, so there is no need to monitor it while printing (although it is mesmerizing to watch)

How is Cocoa Press different from a regular plastic 3D printer?

A plastic printer uses spools of filament to feed into an extruder. In Cocoa Press, all of the chocolate needed for a print is heated up at the same time to ensure an accurate temperature and to maintain the temper of the chocolate. Cocoa Press also has a much more precise heating system and features a cooled build chamber.

How do I start printing?

Insert a chocolate refill into the stainless steel cartridge. Lock the cartridge into place inside the extruder and begin heating the chocolate. Then, pop in the SD card with your design and hit print!

Who are you working with to bring your printer to life?

We are extremely excited to be working with such talented suppliers. We use genuine Gates belts and Meanwell power supplies for our printers. We are working with Ultimachine on a custom Archim2 and are working with LDO motors for our motors and various hardware components.

How do we find designs to use?

There are 4 ways to find designs for Cocoa Press. We include ready-to-go example files on the SD card that comes with your printer, you can download pre-sliced Gcode files from our Prusa Prints site (below), you can download designs that people have created for plastic 3D printing, or design your own using 3D CAD software. See our printer flow chart for more information on this.

What is the process for creating a fully custom design?

To create a fully custom design, you need to use 3D CAD software such as Fusion360 or Tinkercad. You then need to slice your design using Prusa Slicer and put it on the SD card. See instruction manual for more details.

Is it real chocolate?

Yes! We use real, artisanal cocoa butter based chocolates. Our printer maintains the temper of the chocolate for a nice finish that does not bloom.

What type of chocolate can I use?

Cocoa Press is calibrated for our pre-tempered chocolate refills which are available in our shop. We sell dark, milk and white chocolate refills. To use your own tempered chocolate, simply adjust the temperature and speed settings of your printer.

Does it taste good?

YES! Printing does not change the taste of the chocolate at all. We use high quality, artisanal chocolate so it always tastes amazing. Not only does it taste great, complex internal structures in the chocolate can create new sensory experiences.

Will my prints melt after printing?

Our chocolate is professionally tempered, which means it is stable at room temperature even after printing. We recommend storing finished chocolate prints between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit and in under 50% relative humidity.

Is the chocolate tempered during printing?

The chocolate refills we sell come pre-tempered. Cocoa Press uses precise heating to maintain chocolate temper throughout the printing process.

How do I store my chocolate refills and finished prints?

We recommend storing your chocolate refills in their original packaging until use. Both chocolate refills and finished prints should be stored between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit in a low humidity environment (under 50% relative humidity).

Is the machine food safe? Are the prints you make edible?

Food safety is critically important for us. We use food grade stainless steel for our extruder and build chamber. Chocolate only comes in contact with the stainless steel cartridge and silicone baking mat, which are easy to remove and clean. This makes the printer completely safe and ensures your prints are edible and delicious!

What can I print? Are there size limitations?

You can print names, logos, cake toppers, flowers, vases, animals, the list is endless! Our build area is 8”x6”x6” and a single chocolate cartridge holds 60cc of chocolate.

Can you print with anything besides chocolate?

We have optimized Cocoa Press for chocolate, but it is a general purpose food printer. We would love to see what you print with Cocoa Press! Email us a photo of your food print if you come up with something creative!

This all sounds great! How does the preorder process work? Where are you with printer development?

Simply go to our shop and place an order! You will be billed now and the printer will ship in summer of 2021. We will send periodic updates so you know what we are up to. We are finishing up our last rounds of prototypes and are preparing for our first production run of printers.

Where will you ship to?

For now, we are shipping just within the United States, but if you live somewhere else and are interested, contact us or send an email to and we’ll get back to you.

When will my Cocoa Press arrive?

We will be shipping the first batch of printers starting summer of 2021. Be the first to experience the future of chocolate by pre-ordering now!

What if I need extra support?

If you are in need of any help our engineering specialists are happy to answer any questions.