Download and Print ready-to-eat chocolates


What if I need extra support?

If you are in need of any help our engineering specialists are happy to answer any questions.

How do I assemble my 3D chocolate printer?

The printer is ready to use once you receive it. Simply load the chocolate cartridge in and start printing your designs.

When will I receive my 3D Chocolate Printer?

All Pre-Sale orders will be taken from November throughout January while supplies last. The product will ship to you in a secure case Spring 2021.

Do you have files I can use?

The Cocoa Press Printer comes with 10 pre-loaded prints on the LCD touchscreen monitor in the library. If you would like to access more you can visit our Chocolate CAD library (above) or contact support for a more custom piece. Custom Pieces have a one time fee of $5-$10 depending on the print.

How do I use the Cocoa Press Chocolate Printer?

Download our instruction manual. To print a chocolate you simply upload your CAD file and hit print on the LCD touchscreen