Shaping the future of chocolate using 3D printing to enable personalized,
on-demand confectionery production.

Cocoa Press started in 2014 as our founder’s vision from an engineering project during his senior year of high school and grew through his time at the University of Pennsylvania.

In 2019 Cocoa Press was selected for the Pennovation Accelerator to develop the product and business. After the accelerator, Cocoa Press chose to permanently set up shop at the Pennovation Center to begin its journey.

As Cocoa Press developed, the team began to realize the vision of creating personalized 3D printed chocolate for everyone. Going further, Cocoa Press hopes to inspire confectionery innovation, enhance chocolate experiences, and spark creativity in everyone.

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the cocoa press team

Evan Weinstein

ceo & founder

Evan is a University of Pennsylvania Mechanical Engineering graduate who has many years of experience in 3D printing and additive manufacturing. With his extensive 3D printing knowledge, he has been able to formulate Cocoa Press into what it is today.

Amy Coronado

Material Science Engineer

Amy is a Materials Science Engineering graduate from Carnegie Mellon University. She specializes in chocolate production and testing of the Cocoa Press 3D Printers.

Will Messick

Mechanical Engineer

Will is a Mechanical Engineer from Drexel University with a background in CAD design and mathematics. He specializes in 3D design support and production of the Cocoa Press 3D Printers.

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