Cocoa Press is shaping the future of chocolate using 3D printing to enable personalized on-demand confectionery production.

We are based out of the Pennovation Center at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Cocoa Press started in 2014 as our founder’s vision from an engineering project during his senior year of high school and grew through his time at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2018 Cocoa Press was selected for the Pennovation Accelerator to develop the product further and eventually chose to stay at the Pennovation Center..
In 2019 Cocoa Press was formalized to begin working to bring the vision to a reality of creating personalized 3D printed chocolate for everyone. Going further, Cocoa Press hopes to inspire confectionary innovation, enhance chocolate experiences, and spark creativity in everyone.


founder & ceo

Evan is a University of Pennsylvania mechanical engineering graduate who has been building 3D printers since high school. Before working on Cocoa Press, he started out at Penn’s Additive Manufacturing Lab working on various 3D printing technologies. With his extensive knowledge of 3D printing and love of desserts, he has been able to formulate Cocoa Press to what it is today. He currently leads all aspects of team Cocoa Press. 

brittany killen

Director of Business Operations

Brittany is a Drexel University masters graduate with a background in entrepreneurship and robotics engineering. She previously worked at the Drexel Autonomous Systems Lab building humanoid robots for the DARPA robotics challenge. With her unique experiences in the engineering field and engineering management background, she is leading all business and operational aspects of Cocoa Press.

alex lem

mechanical engineer

Alex is a Mechanical Engineer from Drexel University with a background in FIRST Robotics. He specializes in 3D design support and production of the Cocoa Press 3D Printers.